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Cover Up - 1x01 Cover Up (1)

In La Costa, Central America, Bud Taylor a former ""Outrider"" for the U.S. Government, is murdered in a phony terrorist attack. Before dying, he hides his wife Merilee ant infant son and telephones Mark Reynolds, an American ambassador. Bud warns Mark that there is an international conspiracy in La Costa and that no one can be trusted. Mark is murdered before he can contact the U.S. Government. Merilee is the only one who ran blow the lid on the conspiracy. She contacts Mark's wife, famous fashion photographer Danielle ""Dani"" Reynolds and tells her that her husband was not just an ambassador - he was a secret agent - an Outrider. Dani confronts Henry Tower, Mark's boss and demands to know the whole story. Vowing to track down Mark's killer, Dani recruits Mac Harper, an ex-Green Beret to help her. With Mac assuming his male model ""cover"", Mac and Dani go to La Costa and learn what Mark was investigating: a foreign power has stolen the MX 1501 computer - the most sophisticated computer in


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  • Aired Sep 22, 1984
  • Episode 1x01
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