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Cover Up - 1x16 Rules to Die By

Dani and Jack are sent to Turkey to find out why an American scientist is there. It seems that his son is imprisoned on trumped up charges. They promise to help get his son out. But they have a little problem, one of Dani's girls was injured and like out of nowhere, a girl named Yvonne, who wants to work with Dani shows up and Dani hires her on the spot. What no one knows is that she is the one of injured the model and that she is stalking Jack. A few years ago, she was living with a man who's a spy. And one of Jack's missions brought the two of them together, that ended with him dying. She came back to her apartment just as he fell off the roof, and she saw Jack on the roof. She goes to the Russian embassy hoping to find someone from the KGB who can help her but the official denies that there's any KGB at this embassy she then tells him about Jack and of how he is one of Dani's models. When the Russians try to grab the scientist Dani and Jack save him. When the KGB man arrives and whe


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  • Aired Feb 02, 1985
  • Episode 1x16
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