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Arrow - 2x16 Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

While Oliver deals with the pressure of Slade's threats against Oliver and his loved ones, Amanda Waller with A.R.G.U.S. recruits Diggle for a black ops mission. Diggle is happy to learn that he'll be working with his ex-wife Lyla... but not so thrilled that three convicts will be going on the mission with them.


Sandrosaurus (Aug 10, 2014)

Okay but different, I missed the gang...

Artifex (Mar 26, 2014)

@Sietse Could be, but the fact that they only showed a silhouet of her and it didn't have to be synced with the voice acting, makes it seem to me it is just the voice actress and not a real-life actress.

Sietse (Mar 26, 2014)

@Artifex Could be a cameo for the upcoming new batman films :)

Artifex (Mar 26, 2014)

@Sietse Almost exactly the same voice as in the Arkham video games. Wouldn't surprise me if it was the same voice actress.

starspike (Mar 22, 2014)

@Sietse Yes it was Harley Quinn :)

BertDenolf (Mar 21, 2014)

The lack of Oliver Queen in this episode was rather disturbing

GuillaumeVMaele (Mar 21, 2014)

It's nice to see all characters coming together piece by piece. Loving this show!

Mysotta (Mar 20, 2014)

I loved deadshot, but the episode was nothing exceptional

TomF (Mar 20, 2014)

@Sietse Yes!

Sietse (Mar 20, 2014)

Was that harlequin in the argus hold? :P

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