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Hannibal - 2x04 Takiawase


Our team is called in when a body is found in a meadow, the cranial cavity converted into a beehive. Meanwhile, Beverly Katz continues to work on the mural killer case, secretly consulting with Will Graham to decipher the killer's human tapestry. Will insists that the killer was put in the mural by Hannibal Lecter, and urges her to prove that Hannibal is the real Chesapeake Ripper and Copycat Killer.


Apoepoe (May 21, 2014)

Damn, he was quick ! :D

Lenalee (Apr 06, 2014)

I love that ending but I hate it at the same time. SHOW SPOILER

goodplastic (Apr 03, 2014)

That ending !

BertDenolf (Mar 24, 2014)

Bon appétit, dr. Lecter!

MrZNF (Mar 24, 2014)

Sandrosaurus, you should still be able to copy them from another source, like wikipedia or from this piece of text by selecting and ctrl c (or right click, copy). [ ]
Anyhow, I think you are right with saying that you don't need to put spoiler tags here. I don't see a reason why anyone would come to this page before watching the episode. I always come and take a look afterwards to see if anyone posted their thoughts/opinions and sometimes post my opinion. Spoiler tags would make things horrible. I don't want to have to click through a bunch of spoiler tags to read what people wrote. This page is meant for discussions upon viewing the episode, I think.

Sandrosaurus (Mar 23, 2014)

@aniforprez I don't have those (/ hook thingy things on my I can't put spoiler tags...damn you mac books

aniforprez (Mar 23, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus still the least you could do is put it in spoiler tags. i read it before i had finished watching the episode and spoiled it for me. there might just be another idiot like me who might do the same.

Sandrosaurus (Mar 23, 2014)

@aniforprez this comment section is made for men who have watched the if you post something about episode 5, 6 or 7...then it's a spoiler...

aniforprez (Mar 23, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus DUDE spoilers!

Sandrosaurus (Mar 22, 2014)

Can't wait to see how he will prepare Ms. Katz next episode... :'(

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