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Teen Wolf - 4x01 The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon

When one of their friends goes missing, Scott and the pack travel into Mexico on a search and rescue mission.


CrimsonLips (Jul 31, 2014)

I don't get many things from this episode... the idea that Kate survived, Derek younger, were-jaguars... really?!
But I loved "She's not my girlfriend" part xD It looked like Scott realized 'omg, why she's not my gf by now? Why we didn't kiss already?' - which are my questions in like every ep since they've almost kissed in last season xD
Also, where's Isaac? :( And I think they (creators) give too much lines for Malia and not enough for Kira, she was first introduced and from that ep with electricity she never speak so much. I love her, and fox thing, but I know that without her nothing will be really different :(

saltzman (Jul 05, 2014)

Not the greatest season opener, but it was still good. However, I do think the lack of Allison and the twins will be a problem for this show... Ugh, I just miss them so much.

Tali (Jun 26, 2014)

What was that? Just weird. Like a bad fanfic or something. I'm still glad that the show is back. Wouldn't survive the hiatus for all of my other series without it....

juIianrrorris (Jun 25, 2014)

Poor start to the season. Terrible episode.

Fairiestale (Jun 25, 2014)

Bad start..

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