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Arrow - 2x22 Streets of Fire

Streets of Fire

Laurel and the Arrow escape the tunnel and the vigilante sets out to get the Mirakuru cure and end the threat of Slade's super-soldiers. However, when Slade gets the cure first, the Arrow must negotiate with Sebastian Blood. Meanwhile, Laurel finds her sister and Amanda takes extreme measures to contain the super-soldiers.


poeimoei (Apr 19, 2015)

Even as an other character, in an other series, Jack just won't die.

Sandrosaurus (Aug 13, 2014)

And so Darth Merlyna is born...

goodplastic (May 13, 2014)

Soooooo good!

starspike (May 10, 2014)

I don't think Thea did anything... Typical red herring.

jessestsmythe (May 09, 2014)

thea whaT THE FUCK

Artifex (May 08, 2014)

pretty epic, but I was watching this thinking it was the finale. So I was a little confused. But I can't wait for next episode!

m1ch3lka (May 08, 2014)

Well...That escalated quickly

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  • Aired May 08, 2014
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