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Suits - 4x04 Leveraged


Mike begins the takeover of Gillis industries. Harvey and Louis work against his efforts. Jessica and Malone meet with Sean who's hoping to bring down the firm with the backing of the SEC.


norwasia (Sep 02, 2014)

I'm also enjoying it :-)
I don't get how when people are upset about a show, all they do is complain about it and continue watching it as if their comment somehow will change the next episode coming up, leading them to be disappointed that nobody actually read their badmouth comments. *sigh*

clowntable (Jul 10, 2014)

That lawfirm is a horrible workplace.

MrZNF (Jul 10, 2014)

I'm enjoying it :) Don't get why people are so upset about it. They changed the setting, lots of stuff is going on, plenty of funny moments and lots of drama. Always has been this way, as far as I can tell.

devosvictor (Jul 10, 2014)

This is getting boring

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  • Aired Jul 10, 2014
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