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Gotham - 1x03 The Balloonman

The Balloonman

Detectives Gordon and Bullock track down a vigilante who is killing corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham and gets a new job close to an influential figure in the underworld.


DaniGP (Oct 07, 2014)

@Woutah It is suppose that in the last episode of the last season they will show the first time Bruce use the Batman outfit so no, no 25 years in the future S2. We will never see batman as an actual superhero in Gotham, just the path of little Bruce to get into it.

Woutah (Oct 07, 2014)

So how are they going to portray batman? 2nd season is 25 years later and Bruce is all grown up?

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  • Aired Oct 07, 2014
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