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South Park - 18x09 #REHASH


Kyle can’t figure out why Ike and his friends want to watch people comment on things going on around them rather than experience it for themselves. Meanwhile, the Marsh family needs money after Stan spent it all on freemium games so, Randy is forced to perform live to bring in some cash.


Dukz (Dec 11, 2014)

I didn't really care that much about the Lorde part of the episode, but the commentary side was golden. Count me in for being a grandpa. It's rare for me to agree with Kyle, but I was totally with him in this episode. Oh, and Cartman was spot on as Pewdiepie!

Lordindo (Dec 05, 2014)

Liked the theme of this episode, cause I'm a grandpa as well. Don't understand people who rather watch streams then play the games. On a different note, apparently the creators can't speak in a female Australian accent and just gave Iggy Azalea a British accent.

TheKiw (Dec 04, 2014)

South Park is going the best kind of bananas.

Sandrosaurus (Dec 04, 2014)

Unusual two-parter...I'm curious for the final.

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  • Aired Dec 04, 2014
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