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Gotham - 1x22 All Happy Families are Alike

All Happy Families are Alike

As Gotham City’s gang war reaches its boiling point, Fish Mooney goes head-to-head with Maroni and Penguin in an attempt to re-stake her claim on the city. Meanwhile, Barbara and Leslie Thompkins are brought together after recent events, and Bruce searches Wayne Manor for any hints that his father might have left behind.


CrimsonLips (Dec 23, 2015)

Barbra was creepy... Even Selina was creepy. Most od the episode was creepishly good. But i so loved Fish and her new look!
And wow, i never thought i hate Barbra that much xD

kvdv (May 07, 2015)

freaking love it

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  • Aired May 05, 2015
  • Episode 1x22
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