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The Lover - 1x02 Episode 2

Room 609: Du Ri thinks Do Shi has a mental issue because he keeps trash in his backpack, however she is just like him and has a ticket for the movie “Titanic”. Later, they fight about the taste of ramen. Du Ri celebrates Do Shi’s birthday. Room 610: Yeong Jun’s sister, Na Yeong, come to visit. Yeong Jun and Jin Nyeo try to hide that they are dating and living together from her, because she has a big mouth. At night, Yeong Jun misunderstands and thinks Jin Nyeo is having sex when he is not there. Room 709: Min Jae, enters the open apartment to deliver a package. However, he hears panting and thinks Jun Jae and Takuya are having sex. Instead, it turns out they are cleaning the bathroom. Takuya enters on Jun Jae when he is watching porn, he then decides to teach Jun Jae Japanese so he can understand what is being said in porn movies. Room 510: Hwan Jong asks Seol Eun to have sex, however he keeps disturbing her while she is in the toilet and she gets angry with him.


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  • Aired Apr 09, 2015
  • Episode 1x02
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