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Modern Family - 7x12 Clean for a Day

Clean for a Day

Claire decides to get rid of all of the clutter out of the house before taking over Jay's business. Jay's new hobby causes concern for Cameron.


saltzman (Feb 14, 2016)

Pretty sure this episode is titled "Clean for a Day" and the next one is Thunk in the Trunk...

BertDenolf (Feb 14, 2016)

Happy Easter!

timbert (Feb 14, 2016)

@saltzman Well I was in fact commenting on the spreading and comparing to older shows I actually watched week-by-week (like Friends, Will & Grace) where I've never seen (or noticed) it before this extremely:

( -empty-) <-- turned out to be DB problem

saltzman (Feb 14, 2016)

@timbert Not strange at all. They've always done 24 episodes a season, that is a period of time that begins in september and ends in may. They're just spreading the episodes through the weeks differently.

timbert (Feb 13, 2016)

@bethannejay Yeah, I ended up finding out as I just saw it in passing.

Still odd, a season used to mean an episode every week, except for maybe christmas/new year's, now they'll take several month-long breaks in within a single season.

So strange.

bethannejay (Feb 11, 2016)

@timbert this episode aired Feb 10th, followmytv are still sorting out their database

timbert (Jan 31, 2016)

Is this really only coming out until Feb 17th? You mean months without new episodes, two new ones come out, and then I'm waiting a whole month again?

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  • Aired Feb 11, 2016
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