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Conviction (2016) - 1x09 A Different Kind of Death

Wallace brings the case of a death-row inmate, Earl Slavitt, to the CIU. Earl was convicted of murdering federal prosecutor Tom Simon, one of Wallace’s best friends. Simon did not believe in the death penalty, and Wallace, along with Simon’s widow, want to ensure that Earl did in fact commit the crime. With only days left before the execution, the CIU team shifts into high gear, looking for possible errors in the case. Instead, they uncover cracks in Simon’s reputation. Hayes and Wallace are challenged both professionally and personally, as the case draws to a stunning conclusion.


CrimsonLips (Dec 13, 2016)

The worst end ... but it was nice, I think the first time of all, to see this outcome not the other way... I srsly love Hayes. She's so unpredictable and imperfect but her passion in just being herself to the most is such a thing to be unbelievably proud of. I hope to someday create such a character in my books. I hope to be that person.
And don't let me start talking about the actress...

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  • Aired Dec 06, 2016
  • Episode 1x09
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