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ER - 14x08 Coming Home

Coming Home

Everyone at the ER is happily surprised to see Luka back from Croatia. Great news awaits Neela. Sarah once again needs rescuing by Tony, and patients are causing problems for Morris.


nimbostratus (Mar 07, 2021)

Oh Abby :(

CrimsonLips (Mar 07, 2015)

Awww... I miss such 'jump and hug' moments in here :D Soooo cute :D But I'm so afraid it's their last happy moment :(
btw. Neela tries to help but she had to see that Abby started crying when she decided to run away from her and she didn't do anything. Maybe a little talk would help? She said they're friends so BE A FRIEND!

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  • Aired Nov 16, 2007
  • Episode 14x08
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