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YOU - 1x10 Bluebeard's Castle

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Noemi (Feb 05, 2019)

the way some girls and young women reacted to this show (liking joe and blaming beck) shows just how fucked up society is because this is how girls are socialized... to believe this is ok... honestly fuck joe fuck THAT BITCH

Foaman (Jan 18, 2019)

Don't make something out of nothing, to me this is a fictional thriller not a depiction of real life or real people (although similar character and situations may occur in rl), I'm not nor would I ever condone what happened SHOW SPOILER at all in a real life situation, I would be repulsed like any normal human being. My previous comment and reaction was made while being inside the mindset of this story and its' fictional characters, when you binge-watch a show that tends to happen, nothing wrong with that. It's natural to like/dislike/love/hate characters within the story and just because I felt that a fictional character SHOW SPOILER in some fictional events doesn't mean I'm a monster who would do or agree with things like that happening to anyone in real life. I can tell the difference between fiction and reality thank you.

Bottom line is, to me this is not some deep meaning cautionary tale, it's just another fictional story to enjoy watching like any other. Hope that's clear now, you may put down your SJW pitchforks.

scorpiospectrum (Jan 18, 2019)

the whole narrative touches on the fact that beck didn't have to be the perfect likeable main character to not deserve any of that and for the guy to be wrong. because it's always like this! women have to be perfect, nice, funny, beautiful... everything. and somehow, it's never enough and there's always a loophole so a man can say "well, she kinda deserved it". i didn't like beck! i find cheating unforgivable! but to the men watching it and still somehow finding a way to blame the victim of a guy who's every possible red flag but 10 times worse, a literal serial killer and stalker: your behavior is exactly what the show is calling out and shining a light on. you're part of the problem. fuck you, just fuck you.

donniedarko (Jan 18, 2019)

@Foaman Are you serious? This is a whole 'nother level of victim blaming.

Foaman (Dec 28, 2018)


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  • Aired Nov 12, 2018
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