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Game of Thrones - 8x03 The Long Night

The Long Night

Arya looks to prove her worth as a fighter.


nico23 (Apr 29, 2019)

As someone who has not read the books but loves the show I found this episode super epic. I made the mistake of looking for reviews online after watching and found some article of someone shitting on it and that it was supposedly so pointless ... and so not like the source material. Seriously it almost ruined my mood. I in fact thought that this battle would be stretched out over multiple episodes. The fact that it was all a super epic battle and it actually came to a end in the same episode without any cliffhanger. And no I did not see it coming how it ended, not at all! Same for the previous episode, I thought Jon would tell Daenerys much later that he has a right to the Throne, but he just told her that fast, this show is so good it does not need to have stretching elements like pretty much any other show.

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  • Aired Apr 29, 2019
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