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Full House (US) - 5x23 Five's a Crowd

Teaser: It's a spraying duel between Jesse and Michelle. Main Synopsis: Jesse's recording studio is used by ""The Funky Tongues"", the hottest band in D.J.'s school. Jesse, Becky, Danny, and Joey then start preparing to go to a local awards ceremony where ""Wake Up, San Francisco"" and ""Ranger Joe"" have been nominated. Danny is bothered by the fact that ""Wake Up, San Francisco"" gets beat every year by ""Up And At 'em, Oakland"". D.J. has a date, so Kimmy will baby-sit Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky, and Alex. D.J.'s date shows up, and it's Pete, the lead singer of The Funky Tongues. Pete takes D.J. to a drive-in movie theater. Danny flips out when Jesse tells Danny that Pete is exactly like Jesse was at Pete's age -- girl crazy. Danny is even more frantic when Kimmy tells him that Pete has never heard the word ""no"". Danny, Jesse, and Joey send Becky to the awards ceremony with Joey's puppet, Mr. Woodchuck, then the guys go to the drive-in and intrude on D.J.'s date, absolutely humiliating D.J.


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  • Aired Mar 31, 1992
  • Episode 5x23
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