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Prison Break - 4x12 Selfless


Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Sucre anticipate that the General is coming and manages to subdue his guards, as well as get the General's card to get Scylla. Although they are stuck in the Company headquarters, their freedom is secured after Sara holds Lisa Tabak, the General's daughter hostage. They are able to leave the headquarters alive, and with Scylla. Self and Trishanne manage to escape from Huan and kills him and his men. While T-Bag and Gretchen wait for Scofield, the boss of GATE notices their machine guns and the two are forced to hold everyone hostage, though Trishanne is eventually able to apprehend T-Bag. With Scylla, Self takes it and organises the team's releases. However, the celebration is cut short when Self has sent the team empty pieces of paper rather than their release, and he kills Trishanne, to sell Scylla himself.


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  • Aired Nov 25, 2008
  • Episode 4x12
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