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Teen Titans - 1x03 Divide and Conquer

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KHFanXIII (Aug 30, 2015)

"The pilot episode of Teen Titans opens with a shot of a maximum security jail. A stone monster named Cinderblock has broken in. The Titans' attempt to stop Cinderblock from breaking into prison goes awry when Robin and Cyborg's "Sonic Boom" tag-team maneuver backfires and Cinderblock escapes with a quarantined villain, Plasmus. A fierce argument between Robin and Cyborg ensues, and causes Cyborg to announce his decision to quit the team. The rest of the team battle Plasmus and eventually Cyborg returns to defeat Plasmus and CinderBlock. The end of the day leaves the team with a burning question in mind: who was behind all this?

Note: Although "Divide and Conquer" was produced first, it got switched by "Final Exam" for unknown reasons (except for "Sisters") during the premieres on Cartoon Network and Kids' WB. The air date for this episode differs with "Final Exam"; The "first" episode differs by region." (source:

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  • Aired Aug 02, 2003
  • Episode 1x03
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