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Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. Fashion house Forrester Creations unveils it's winter/ fall collection. The models strut the catwalk and the paparazzi go wild. Eric Forrester, the head designer and founder of the company, is busy backstage making sure his latest collection is his best yet. Eric's personal assistant Margo Lynley stands by his side as he excitedly celebrates this milestone; 20 years of running his own fashion empire. Ridge, Eric's eldest son, designer and vice-president of the company, waits on the sidelines less than impressed with his father's latest designs. Ridge witnesses Eric's flirty behavior with Margo and wonders if the two are having an affair. He mentions this possibility to younger brother Thorne, whom is the technical director of the company. Thorne stands loyal to his father and believes Ridge is just trying to undermine Eric. Thorne senses his older brothers eagerness to step into their father's shoes and take over the reins of the company. Later that evening, Eric is still on a high from the success of the showing. He shares his enthusiasm with Ridge. They begin discussing Ridge's relationship with Caroline Spencer. Bill Spencer, publishing baron of Spencer Publications and Caroline's father, enters the room and overhears the father and son conversation. He warns Ridge away from his daughter. Bill believes that Ridge is nothing but a playboy who will only end up breaking his daughters heart. Bill threatens to expose Ridge for the real man that he is. Meanwhile, teenager Katie Logan stares into the mirror and fantasizes about having a real date with a guy. As she comes back to reality she fears that she may never have the chance due to her severe acne. Katie's eldest sister Brooke is on her way home from her job as a chemist in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. She is suddenly jumped upon and attacked by a group of men. They attempt to rape Brooke but she just manages to escape. Brooke returns to the Logan home, scared, beaten, bloody and bruised. In an emotional state, sister Katie and Brooke's police detective boyfriend Dave Reed comfort her. Dave promises that he will find the men responsible. Late that same evening, Ridge visits Caroline. The two engage in a passionate kiss. Ridge proceeds to lead her into the bedroom but Caroline stops him. She reminds him of her beliefs of remaining a virgin until she is a married woman. Obviously frustrated, Ridge gets down on one knee and proposes marriage.


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  • Aired Mar 23, 1987
  • Episode 1x01
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