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The X-Files - 1x14 Gender Bender

Gender Bender

A series of sexually-oriented murders, which are identical except that the killer appears to be both male and female, draws Scully and Mulder to an Amish-type community of people called the Kindred.


TDH1879 (Aug 17, 2019)

This episode never sets out to solve a mystery. Rather, it poses questions for the audience to think about, which they will hopefully do when the credits roll. Still, for something as specific as someone who can seemingly switch genders, you'd think there would be more to it, whether from a storytelling standpoint or a thematic one.

AlbiCage88 (Dec 30, 2015)

"Passione omicida"

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  • Aired Jan 22, 1994
  • Episode 1x14
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