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Undeclared - 1x02 Oh, So You Have a Boyfriend? / Full Bluntal Nugety

Oh, So You Have a Boyfriend? / Full Bluntal Nugety

Lizzie drops a bomb on Steven as they walk across campus. She shows him all of the gifts from her boyfriend, Eric, and then tells Steven that she's going to break up with him when he comes to campus later that day. Steven hides his excitement in front of Lizzie, but gushes in front of the guys. He plans to move in on her once she dumps Eric. Ron shows up with a keg of beer left over from another floor's party. They have to return the keg later that day, but they can keep the beer, so they load as many containers as they can find with the beer. Rachel rushes over to tell the boys that Eric is here. They all go over to meet him and size him up. Eric appears to have no idea he is about to be dumped. Rachel and Marshall discuss this and it leads into Marshall confessing he feels as if girls never notice him. Rachel suggests a pet, like a snake, to help spruce up his image. Steven comes over to see how things are going with the break up, and Rachel and Marshall don't know because Lizzie's b


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  • Aired Jan 09, 2002
  • Episode 1x02
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