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Undeclared - 1x10 Eric Visits Again

Eric Visits Again

Steven is forced to get a job in the school cafeteria with Marshall after his tuition check bounces and Hal is out of work. Not prepared for the rigors of the working world, Steven has personality conflicts with his manager. Marshall is the manager's favorite worker but Steven finds him to be quite bad at the job. Marshall gets Ron addicted to rice pudding from the cafeteria. Hal then invites Steven and his friends out for dinner to announce his new job and it turns out he is working as a waiter at the restaurant. Steven is embarrassed but Lizzie convinces him all is well and that his Dad is making a really great waiter. Meanwhile, Lloyd sets Rachel up with Jimmy, a freaky guy from his acting class who only speaks in impersonations. Rachel is scared by the guy and decides to dump him after much hesitation. Rachel and Jimmy decide just to be friends but Rachel learns that's almost worse when he looks to her for advice on his impersonations.


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  • Aired Nov 21, 2001
  • Episode 1x10
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