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Boardwalk Empire - 1x10 The Emerald City

The Emerald City

Nucky asks for Margaret's assistance in backing his mayoral candidate with the passage of women's right to vote, leaving her conflicted about her role. Doyle switches sides back from Rothstein, which leads Nucky to conspire with Chalky against Lansky and the D'Alessios. Angela witnesses Jimmy's violent side against her photographer friend, and considers leaving Atlantic City for good in the aftermath. Van Alden grapples with his emotions, and has encounters with both Margaret and Lucy.


Valcke (Aug 24, 2013)

Well, that ending was creepy. :P

Heester (Dec 03, 2012)

Glorious ending, great writing.

kakature (Nov 29, 2010)

Crazy Omar and crazy sex scene :p

5 stars.

Fish (Nov 23, 2010)

This show keeps delivering! :bow:

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  • Aired Nov 22, 2010
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