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Second Chance (2016) Season 1

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1x01 A Suitable Donor aired Jan 14, 2016

A retired cop is brought back from the dead, with a younger, stronger body, and must decide what to do now that he ha... read more

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1x02 One More Notch aired Jan 21, 2016

Due to the power surge that Mary and Otto caused in bringing Pritchard back to life, two notorious murderers escape f... read more

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1x03 From Darkness, the Sun aired Jan 30, 2016

Pritchard tries to prove to Duval that he was a better police officer and man than his son ever knew. Meanwhile, he a... read more

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1x04 Admissions aired Feb 06, 2016

A case from the past comes back into play as Pritchard and Duval investigate a series of murders involving young prod... read more

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1x05 Scratch That Glitch aired Feb 13, 2016

Mary’s life is in danger when a dead pool predicts her death for the same day as an important Lookinglass product lau... read more

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1x06 Palimpsest aired Feb 20, 2016

Pritchard and Duval must stop a killer who mutilates and disfigures his victims. As Pritchard and Mary grow increasin... read more

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1x07 That Time in the Car aired Feb 27, 2016

Duval’s sister (and Pritchard’s daughter) is dating a parole officer, but Pritchard and Duval discover he's being coe... read more

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1x08 May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot aired Mar 05, 2016

Pritchard's past comes back to haunt him. 20 years ago, Pritchard covered up a murder committed by a drug lord's girl... read more

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1x09 When You Have to Go There, They Have to Take You In aired Mar 12, 2016

Pritchard and Duval join forces to track down a serial killer, and Alexa and Connor try to procure key technology fro... read more

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1x10 Geworfenheit aired Mar 19, 2016

Pritchard and Duval continue to investigate who Albert Lin really is, who created him and try to uncover how he is in... read more

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1x11 Gelassenheit aired Mar 26, 2016

Pritchard and Duval race against the clock to save Gracie from Connor and Otto's life-threatening experiment. But tim... read more


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