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Fresh Meat - 1x01 Episode 1

Episode 1

Shipping up as freshers at their shared house are: JP, public school boy with good teeth and an inflated sense of entitlement; Kingsley, charming and crushingly insecure; Josie, determined to experience 'new things'; socially-awkward know-it-all Howard, hard-living Vod; and Oregon, desperate to be cool and terrified of being boring.

One by one, the six new students destined to be housemates congregate before term begins - although second year Howard has of course already been in solitary residence for some unspecified time.

There are already some surprises in store: to his considerable bemusement, Kingsley manages to pull at the pub; Oregon locks horns with her lecturer, Professor Shales, at her first English tutorial; and Josie ends up in bed with JP - a random encounter after which, to her horror, she realises he is in fact there to stay.


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  • Aired Sep 21, 2011
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