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ForgotMyLines (May 17, 2023)

@b0sse I changed the start year date to 2019, but it hasn't changed the premier date. That's all I can do for that, I don't have access to change the genre either. No problem. Thanks.

b0sse (May 16, 2023)

@ForgotMyLines Thank you. I see Genre and Premiere date is still incorrect but at least everything else is correct and it also displays a picture of the show now so its easy to understand that this is indeed that show if someone is looking for it. Appreciate it :)

ForgotMyLines (May 16, 2023)

@b0sse I've edited everything I have access to, and verified the IMDb and TVMaze links, to hopefully help with information importing.

b0sse (May 15, 2023)

@ForgotMyLines One show is showing incorrect info even though the link to the TVDB page is correct, not sure if its a bug causing it or what.

"Status" shows New series when it should say Ended.
"Premiered" shows Jan 08, 2015 when it should say October 7, 2019
Genre is incorrect. Country says USA when it should be Japan. And network is also incorrect. So is the Runtime.

All the correct info is on the TVDB link:

So I dont know where this incorrect info is imported from.
Can this be fixed? Because when searching for the show on here to start following it, it wasnt immediately clear that it was the correct that I was looking for. Didnt realize it was the correct show until I clicked on the TVDB link.

ForgotMyLines (Mar 28, 2023)

@b0sse Shows reviewed and added.

b0sse (Mar 27, 2023)

@ForgotMyLines I added a few shows again, hope you can approve :)

riikkasdf (Mar 06, 2023)

Hi! There's this show Daisy Jones & The Six, it has an incorrect TheTVDB link, so the episodes are missing. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

ForgotMyLines (Feb 06, 2023)

@Bristow Thanks. Just approved it.

Bristow (Feb 06, 2023)

@ForgotMyLines I added the IMDB link to thetvdb site, but now i cannot add It here, it says is under review.


Bristow (Feb 02, 2023)

@ForgotMyLines ok thanks for the explanation, BEST regards!

ForgotMyLines (Feb 02, 2023)

@Bristow I know. I have had this problem constantly. I've tried to add stuff to IMDb but it is so, so in depth and detailed for every single little bit of info, then there is a really long review time.

Now I just make a list, and keep checking regularly. Often they do eventually get added. Then I submit and add the show. It happened last week, A show I wanted to add didn't have a IMDb page. I checked every few days for about 3-4 weeks. Finally, I got a page.

I'm hoping the big update lemon has been working on, means this isn't something that stops us adding shows. But I don't know. It's just how it is at the moment. Sorry.

Bristow (Feb 01, 2023)

Hi @ForgotMyLines
The only way to add a show is through IMDb?
I dont know how to add Traitors Spain there :(


Lenon (Jan 17, 2023)

Oh, no problem at all. That's good to know, about the imdb link, I'll send it together now whenever I asked for a new show (which I do a lot, sorry haha)

ForgotMyLines (Jan 15, 2023)

@Southpaw Hi. Sorry Been away for a few days for a family matter.

I don't have the tools to fix that. I will add it to the list I send to Lemon. But I don't have the access to sort out issues like that.

Edit: Having a quick look at it. Somehow someone has added it with no links to IMDb or TVDb etc. So I'm guessing as it's not synced to those sites, It's not getting updated information.

Southpaw (Jan 12, 2023)

Hey and sorry to bother you but the site doesn't seem to have a way to report missing information about shows so I figured this might be the most sure way for somebody to notice or forward the information to someone since you recently approved some missing shows I contributed.

So, I'd like to report that anime show called Basilisk is missing it's second season. Here is the tvdb link in case it's needed

ForgotMyLines (Jan 07, 2023)

@b0sse Thank you for updating.

I have been really on top of adding shows the last few months. But suddenly, every now and again about 5 people add about 15 shows each in the space of a few hours. Then it throws everything out of wack.

Because of a famiy berievement, I'm a bit behind on going through all the shows this week, editing and adding them. I'll do a few tonight, I will hopefully get some time tomorrow morning.

b0sse (Jan 07, 2023)

Okay, looks like I figured out the issue. For some reason my adblocker (uBlock Origin) had started blocking writing comments and adding shows on this site, which it had never done before. Just had to disable uBlock Origin and everything worked as usual again. Weird.

Anyway, sorry to bother you. Hope you can approve the show I added. Also, if you need people to help out approving shows, Im free to help out.

b0sse (Jan 07, 2023)

Hey, I dont know if its just me or not, but Im not able to add new shows for suggestion anymore and havent been for months. Everytime I put the information in and press the submit button, I just get sent to a blank page in Firefox. Tried using Google Chrome as well, and it sends me to an error page instead telling me that the page doesnt exist. Have been able to add before. Is it just me or is something wrong on you guys' end? Trying to add "Skeleton Knight in Another World" from link

Cant even send this comment, gives me same blank page or error message that the page does not exist.

ForgotMyLines (Dec 13, 2022)

@robgreen I've updated everything I can, and verified and checked the sync links, and highlighted the issue to Lemon.

robgreen (Dec 12, 2022)

Hey mate, when you get a moment could you take a look at Outsiders (UK show, with David Mitchell) - The page doen't seem to be updating with Series 2 episodes. Thanks!

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