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ForgotMyLines (3 days ago)

@kamaradu You're welcome.

kamaradu (3 days ago)

@ForgotMyLines oohhh at that point it wasn't posted and at may suggestion I received that error. didn't check anymore... anyway. it's good that it is now. thank you a lot. really.

ForgotMyLines (4 days ago)

@kamaradu What exactly is the error, and I'll look into it and fix it, or highlight it to Lemon? There are 8 episodes aren't there?

The IMDb and TVDb links are correct and verified. I edited the episode plots and pictures to match other sources. I can't see an issue. Let me know. Thanks for getting in touch.

kamaradu (4 days ago)

Hey, excuse me for daring... I have this submission #7135 - The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, I understand it's an error there ("Sometimes our automated import systems fail to load the URL or any of the required API calls. Flagged submissions require a manual review by one of our developers."). It's from a month ago, can you help and fix it, please? Hope its okay. Thank you.

ForgotMyLines (Nov 10, 2022)

@robgreen I'll reject it so it is off the list of suggested shows, but if you find out that there is a new IMDb page, or if the updates to the site mean we are not heavly reliant on the IMDb links, we might be able to do it in the future.

You are welcome. No problem. Thanks for the appriciation.

robgreen (Nov 10, 2022)

@ForgotMyLines Ah that settles it then. Hopefull i'll be able to sleep tonight!! But in all seriousness thanks for the assist mate.

ForgotMyLines (Nov 09, 2022)

@robgreen Hmm....That does sound like it could qualify as a new show...Thank you for taking the time to send over details and info. That's very helpful. I'll have another look now.

Edit. Ah, yes. Another reason I haven't added this, is there is no IMDb page to link it to. The only IMDb link I could find was the original. Which also made me think it wasn't a new show.

If you find a new IMDb page, for a revamp of this show, I will add it. I cannot add a show without an IMDb link to sync the data on this site with.

robgreen (Nov 09, 2022)

@ForgotMyLines Hey, really appreciate all the efforts here. You won't believe how useful this site is for me being an expat. Even got the shows coming through on my Home Assistant dashboard! Anyway about Buzzcocks, I'm pretty confident we can call it a revival. BBC gave up on it, so Sky worked with the original production company to revive it. (They are referring to the current series as "Series 2")

ForgotMyLines (Nov 07, 2022)

@robgreen Hi mate. Yes, I have looked into that one a few times, I wasn't sure whether it is definitly classed as a new show, or if it is a continuation of the old show? Was trying to look into it, but didn't find many answers. That's why I still haven't accepted or rejected it. I don't know if the Original show needs fixing, or if this is classed as a re-launched show in it's own right. Sorry for the delay. Didn't want to make a rash decision either way.

robgreen (Nov 07, 2022)

Hey mate, just a quick ping about my submission for Never Mind the Buzzcocks (2021). TVDB has a new page for the new series (the original one isn't being updated with the new episodes) - Thanks a bunch!

ForgotMyLines (Oct 18, 2022)

@b0sse Hi mate. No problem. Let me go and have a look.

b0sse (Oct 17, 2022)

@ForgotMyLines hey sorry to bother, i added 2 shows in contribute over a week ago, still pending, nothings happening. Not able to write messages on @Lemon 's page for some reason (guessing she has messages blocked) so im trying here. Hope its okay.

ForgotMyLines (May 27, 2022)

@PPqwarts Hi mate. I do keep checking it. We can't add show's that don't have an IMDb page/link. Sometimes shows finally get added to IMDb and I can eventually add them. This show still doesn't have one I can find. If you know or find an IMDb for this show and can send me the link. I will add it straight away,

PPqwarts (May 27, 2022)

@ForgotMyLines could you please add Black Summoner(Submission #6438), it is pending for over 2 months

ForgotMyLines (Apr 18, 2022)

@PPqwarts I know mate. And I do mention it. I don’t have access to things like this. I wish I did. Everything I can do am doing. I can only do a certain amount of things.

PPqwarts (Apr 18, 2022)

@ForgotMyLines many shows are not being updated

PippoInzaghi (Dec 22, 2021)

@ForgotMyLines It's a CNN miniseries, so I don't think it has been added in another language

ForgotMyLines (Dec 22, 2021)

@PippoInzaghi I checked too, and I tried to add it myself, and it auto rejected. Could it be under another name or language?

PippoInzaghi (Dec 22, 2021)

@ForgotMyLines Yes, it was not there

ForgotMyLines (Dec 21, 2021)

@PippoInzaghi I have this trouble a lot. Have you been to all Shows and searched for it alphabetically to check if it's there?

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