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Community - 3x13 Digital Exploration of Interior Design (1)

Digital Exploration of Interior Design (1)

As the new Greendale Subway shop opens in the cafeteria, Shirley, Pierce and Britta plot to bring about its early demise. Vice Dean Laybourne (guest star John Goodman) makes another attempt to get Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair Annex, while Abed and Troy find themselves at odds over their competing pillow and blanket forts.


furbul (Apr 04, 2012)

@warna yeah, that never gets old :D

warna (Mar 31, 2012)

I loved how Jeff was playing with his phone in the middle o the fight.

furbul (Mar 30, 2012)

The inside of Abed's fort reminded me of Dharma Station from season 2 of Lost. That almost self-destruction was similar to Desmond's act from season finale. Or is it just me? :)
Anyway, next episode should be huge.

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  • Aired Mar 29, 2012
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