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Ray Donovan - 1x01 The Bag or the Bat

The Bag or the Bat

Ray’s life is thrown into absolute turmoil when his father Mickey unexpectedly gets out of prison five years early, kills a priest, and arrives in LA, vowing to take revenge on Ray for framing him. Meanwhile, Ray’s mentor, Ezra Goldman, and his law partner, Lee Drexler, need Ray to find a way to get a “straight” action star out of a scandal with a transsexual. Ray must also protect a beautiful singer from a stalker, but the case leads to tension between him and his wife, Abby.


ForgotMyLines (Feb 19, 2016)

Meh. Average start.

Fairiestale (Jul 17, 2013)

Nothing special for me.. Let's see in the next..

Frantic (Jul 07, 2013)

@josbeir Same, really liked it as well!

josbeir (Jul 02, 2013)

loved it!

furbul (Jun 24, 2013)

meh. maybe i'll chceck next episode, but meh.

hammunabdra815 (Jun 21, 2013)

Already leaked.

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  • Aired Jul 01, 2013
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