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Community - 4x09 Intro to Felt Surrogacy

Intro to Felt Surrogacy

The study group takes a wild balloon ride that crash lands in the woods and they end up spending some quality time together with a friendly mountain man (Jason Alexander, "Seinfeld").


pfr77 (Sep 01, 2017)

wow. fucking yikes

Ambroos (Jul 12, 2013)

This episode was a gigantic Avenue Q thing, I really liked it! For those not familiar with Avenue Q, it's a Broadway puppet musical. Known on the internet for "The internet is for porn".

kakature (Apr 16, 2013)

I fucking hate singing. Good jokes though, too bad about the puppet/singing thing.

RamboHax (Apr 15, 2013)

hahaha this was awesome, this is why i love Community :D

Artifex (Apr 15, 2013)

I agree, it was more like the old community, but that's probably because it was one of those 'specials'. In the old community almost all episodes were like specials, that's what made community great! Now it's different.

Fllu (Apr 14, 2013)

What was this? It was nothing like Community...

Fish (Apr 14, 2013)

Loved it! This is Community.

BertDenolf (Apr 13, 2013)

Great episode! Felt like the old Community!

Frank (Apr 13, 2013)

This show is yelling to be canceled.

TotesMcGotes (Apr 13, 2013)

I liked it. It perfectly captured the the spirit of puppet TV shows, and the songs were funny.

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