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Modern Family - 5x17 Other People's Children

Other People's Children

It's male-bonding day when Jay takes Luke into the garage to show him the way around tools and impart some manly wisdom, and Gloria goes with Claire and Lily to shop for Lily's flower girl dress. Elsewhere, Mitch, Cam, Alex and Manny go for a cultured day at the museum but it eventually becomes survival of the smartest. And Phil enthusiastically offers to help Andy with his anniversary gift to his girlfriend, which is an elaborate video expression of his love.


Deimnos (Jan 21, 2019)

I don't understand you!
Neither do I ! :)))

TheKiw (Mar 19, 2014)

Phil and Andy are absolutely hilarious. I actually laughed out loud when they were shooting Gravity. Hasn't happened to me with a series in a while :-)

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  • Aired Mar 13, 2014
  • Episode 5x17
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