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The Leftovers - 1x03 Two Boats and a Helicopter

Two Boats and a Helicopter

Reverend Jamison is struggling with people referring to the departed as heroes. He is faced with death threats and a diminishing atendance at his sermons and then finds out he may lose his church due ot foreclosure.


kenneththepage (Jul 08, 2017)

even better upon rewatching

Maddie (Mar 29, 2016)

The best one as far - and previous eps were quite boring for me!

Dukz (Mar 03, 2015)

Didn't really care for the first two eps, but this one was really compelling. Eccleston was magnificent and I do hope we'll be seeing him a lot in the following episodes!

starspike (Dec 01, 2014)

The verdict is still not out on this show for me... I really don't know what to think of it.

kakature (Jul 17, 2014)

Hah, funny. Really liked the first two episodes, I thought this one was rubbish though. Boring character, nothing really connecting with the previous episodes.

Winning money, losing money, getting money back, being too late so it's useless after all. Ehh, it feels cheap.

Baltimore (Jul 15, 2014)

Best episode so far!

rubenspm (Jul 14, 2014)

I really really liked this ep, and I don't know why, maybe because it was focused on the 9th Doctor, or maybe its sad ending...

nutman (Jul 14, 2014)

Incredible episode that shows great promise for the series.

TomF (Jul 14, 2014)

Almost gave up on this show, but wow, what an unexpectedly amazing episode!

Quetzalma (Jul 14, 2014)


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  • Aired Jul 14, 2014
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