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The Leftovers - 1x10 The Prodigal Son Returns

The Prodigal Son Returns

After the Memorial Day mission Mapleton moves into chaos. Kevin helps another in another town. Holy Wayne is given his final wish. Tom has to adjust to a new life while Nora mulls over a difficult decision.


ForgotMyLines (Jan 31, 2016)

Great Finale, and last half of the Season.

tiagoh (Sep 29, 2014)

So many feelings!

goodplastic (Sep 21, 2014)


kenneththepage (Sep 14, 2014)

Certainly not the best episode of the season, but I felt it went to where it should and did everything really well.

kamaradu (Sep 11, 2014)

4 me was a great finale... like everything was fulfilling with peace... cannot imagine what will b next...

<<HBO has renewed its Damon Lindelof-created dramatic series 'The Leftovers' for a second season.>>

MrVeko (Sep 09, 2014)

This show makes no sense what so ever...

nutman (Sep 09, 2014)

What a ride that episode was. I can't wait for S2.

TomF (Sep 08, 2014)

I don't get why this got a perfect 10 on IGN... Decent episode, but I thought it was quite disappointing as a season finale, even though I really liked the second half of the season.

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  • Aired Sep 08, 2014
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