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The 100 - 2x05 Human Trials

Human Trials

Kane leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders. Meanwhile, Jasper agrees to participate in a risky experiment, Lincoln enters a world of pain and President Dante Wallace issues a warning. Finally, Finn’s search for Clarke takes a violent turn.


raspberry (Mar 19, 2015)

I hate Maya omg... Jasper was my favourite but in this season hes annoying af. Montys smart, I like him more.
I love this -finns getting crazy- line.

MarinaB (Nov 23, 2014)

This season's worst episode. All the annoying characters just annoy the hell out of me. They can just kill Finn, Jasper, the chick from Mount Weather and Abby because they're so fucking stupid. All of them. Especially Finn, that dumb little piece of shit. Can a character be THIS shitty?

CrimsonLips (Nov 23, 2014)

Kill this chick from Mount Weather already! When she and this boy (who as always is manipuleted as hell) appear I want just skip the scene as quickly as possible -,-
Finn you piece of shit -.- And there goes Clarke's plan of making peace ....... -.-

Kaijiroquai (Nov 21, 2014)

Crazy Finn :D

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  • Aired Nov 19, 2014
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