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The Fall - 2x04 The Mind is its Own Place

The Mind is its Own Place

Gibson informs Burns that their confrontation in her hotel room may have been witnessed by Spector, and the detective is shocked to discover the serial killer has been paying visits to one of his surviving victims in hospital. Seizing on the opportunity, she finally locates Spector and puts him under surveillance, but her success is short-lived as she is forced to face her worst fears.


Ambroos (Dec 05, 2014)

Pace is a bit slower than the others of this season, but still a good episode. Really looking forward to the next two.

kamaradu (Dec 05, 2014)

Episod name: <<Strangler >>
IMDB: From the hotel's CCTV Stella realizes that Spector entered her room and knows she is on to him. He is due to see Annie again but Stella has the visit cancelled and moves Annie to another room, where she tells Stella she believes Spector to be the man who killed her brother. Stella is called away to see another body, meeting DS Tom Anderson, but the corpse in question is a suicide and not Rose Stagg. The police enter Spector's house whilst he and his wife - now temporarily together - are out but find nothing and are forced to leave after staging an accident.

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  • Aired Nov 30, 2014
  • Episode 2x04
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