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Doctor Who - 8x00 Last Christmas

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danielol (Dec 29, 2014)


Sandrosaurus (Dec 29, 2014)

@Ambroos You have the same thoughts like me except that I'm not in love with this doctor yet.

Ambroos (Dec 28, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus I'm not sure I care too much anymore. While it wasn't a really bad season, I still feel like the story is all over the place, and there is a lot of random deus ex machina or retconning going on near the end of almost every episode to fix weird plot lines.

In addition to that, the big bad of this season, Missy, didn't pan out as well as I had hoped (at all). It didn't make even remotely as much sense as the other big bads did. I like Capaldi as the Doctor, a lot, but I feel like he doesn't get the right storylines at all.

Sandrosaurus (Dec 28, 2014)

@Ambroos I'm ready for Clara to leave but I don't dislike her. But if she had left this episode it would be strange...a christmas episode is made for giving a 'mellow christmas' feeling and it quite delivered in that aspect + the additional horror/fantasy.

As for Clara = or they give her 5 episodes like Amy and Rory or they give her the full season 9. I hope she get's the full season just because Amy/Rory's goodbye was so random in the middle of the season. It would have more impact at the end of a story.

Ambroos (Dec 27, 2014)

Not bad.



Somehow this was one of the episodes that made most sense since Capaldi :P

Sandrosaurus (Dec 27, 2014)

Capaldi isn't my favorite doctor but I must admit...this special was one of his better episodes.

gid21 (Dec 26, 2014)

Pretty good actually

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  • Aired Dec 25, 2014
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