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Doctor Who Season 1

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178 votes
1x01 Rose aired Mar 26, 2005

Christopher Eccleston takes the role of the time-travelling crusader, who lands on Earth just in time to save a department store worker, named Rose Tyler (Bi... read more

The End of the World
176 votes
1x02 The End of the World aired Apr 02, 2005

The Doctor, seeking to show Rose an unusual event, takes her to the end of the Earth, literally. He takes her forward in time to the impending destruction of... read more

The Unquiet Dead
160 votes
1x03 The Unquiet Dead aired Apr 09, 2005

The Doctor and Rose travel by accident to 1869 Earth, and find that recently deceased corpses are returning to life, in a ghostly way. A mortician and his as... read more

Aliens of London (1)
144 votes
1x04 Aliens of London (1) aired Apr 16, 2005

The Doctor and Rose return to modern-day Earth, only to find it has been a year since Rose first set off, and everyone thought she was missing, presumed dea... read more

World War Three (2)
141 votes
1x05 World War Three (2) aired Apr 23, 2005

With the Doctor, Rose, and MP Harriet Jones trapped inside Downing Street, the Slitheen make their move: Nuclear Warfare. If the human race is obliterated, t... read more

155 votes
1x06 Dalek aired Apr 30, 2005

The Doctor and Rose find themselves in an underground museum in Utah in the year 2012. The museum houses all kinds of extra-terrestrial artefacts the only li... read more

The Long Game
140 votes
1x07 The Long Game aired May 07, 2005

The Doctor, Rose and Adam arrive in the year 200,000 on a broadcasting station that transmits programming to Earth. But soon, trouble is afoot, when they dis... read more

Father's Day
148 votes
1x08 Father's Day aired May 14, 2005

Rose requests a trip back to the day her father, Pete Tyler, died. Reluctantly, the Doctor agrees, but he realizes he has made a mistake, when Rose saves Pet... read more

The Empty Child (1)
148 votes
1x09 The Empty Child (1) aired May 21, 2005

After chasing an unexplained capsule through time, the TARDIS lands in London, during an air raid. Rose investigates when a small child wearing a gasmask, st... read more

The Doctor Dances (2)
153 votes
1x10 The Doctor Dances (2) aired May 28, 2005

After narrowly escaping the gas mask monsters, The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack try to stop the mutated people from infecting other victims. But it soon be... read more

Boom Town
138 votes
1x11 Boom Town aired Jun 04, 2005

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack stop off in present-day Cardiff to recharge the TARDIS on the Rift they formerly encountered in 1869. Whilst there, they co... read more

Bad Wolf (1)
144 votes
1x12 Bad Wolf (1) aired Jun 11, 2005

The Doctor, Rose and Jack fight for their lives on board the Game Station, little suspecting an even more sinister threat is lurking in the shadows - one whi... read more

The Parting of the Ways (2)
151 votes
1x13 The Parting of the Ways (2) aired Jun 18, 2005

The Doctor's friendship with Rose is put to the ultimate test as the Earth is plunged into all-out war - and the Time Lord is forced to take desperate measur... read more


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