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Marvel's Daredevil - 1x13 Daredevil

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Mysotta (Jun 29, 2015)

I preferred the home-made suit ahah and i love how he has to do all those fancy moves just to kick an enemy in the face lol

gieltjegitaar (May 30, 2015)

This season was great during some moments and downright boring during others. I didn't think Fisk was a very convincing bad guy, which had more to do with the actor than with the writing. Somehow his performance didn't seem genuine to me. Rest of the cast was great though. Better than the third season of Arrow but not as great as first season of The Flash.

kvdv (May 24, 2015)


Nephatiu (May 18, 2015)

Marvel's Spiderman is getting closer and closer,... ^_^

TomF (May 17, 2015)

By far the best comic book show to date!

Sandrosaurus (Apr 25, 2015)

Fisk and of my favorite television couples! Like the suit!

dreamtolove (Apr 18, 2015)


CrimsonLips (Apr 13, 2015)

Well, fight with Nobu was more intense and even longer. This was quick but I understand... as always, when villains have emotions it's bad for them but it's good when a hero has someone to fight for :) Loss and rage was bad for Fisk...

Aiii (Apr 12, 2015)

Love this show. Love the ending. Love the leads. Love Kingpin. Love how gritty it is. And absolute LOVE the final battle in this episode. So good.

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  • Aired Apr 10, 2015
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