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Community - 6x03 Basic Crisis Room Decorum

Basic Crisis Room Decorum

The Greendale gang goes on the offensive when a rival college releases an attack ad.


pfr77 (Sep 08, 2017)

i have to disagree, i felt like most of s4 and s5 were extermely try-hard without genuine heart (by the end of s5 i just did not care about the show any more at all) and s6 felt more like "old community" than anything since maybe early s3 and that one episode in season 4 with the rich kid

rorypondicus (Mar 27, 2015)

@JeanRalphio Forced is def the word I've been looking for! These episodes seem really really forced and like they're trying so hard to be like they were

JeanRalphio (Mar 27, 2015)

This just feels off and forced. Some jokes still hit (yeah the texting was pretty funny), but overall it's pretty disappointing.

Also what the fuck is wrong with their sound mixing? I know Yahoo probably doesn't have a TV network budget, but those new episodes sound like they've been recorded with cheap mics and mixed by a student in sound engineering in his basement.

kenneththepage (Mar 27, 2015)

Pretty bad.

scodzilla (Mar 25, 2015)

Best episode of this season so far! The texting had me in histerics

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  • Aired Mar 24, 2015
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