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Game of Thrones - 5x09 The Dance of Dragons

The Dance of Dragons

Stannis has to make a difficult decision. Jon is back at the Wall. Mace pays a visit to the Iron Bank.


CrimsonLips (Aug 05, 2017)

AND THAT IS WHAT I WAS EXPECTING!!! At last, the first scene in this whole season that made me anxious... that made me feel anything other than boredom or want to watch sth else, sth better. I'm so hoping it won't be the last scene until the next 10 episodes.

Sandrosaurus (Jun 09, 2015)

Drogon is cute :p

Jakurdo (Jun 09, 2015)

Stannis Morghulis

kenneththepage (Jun 09, 2015)

@JeanRalphio Yep I agree. While it seems pretty likely that it will happen in the next book, I doubt it being exactly like this (the two rarely do anything precisely the same anyways). The circumstances don't allow it. Stannis barely agreed to burning Edric Storm, and he was the bastard born from Robert ruining his wedding night. Could he really burn Shireen???

JeanRalphio (Jun 09, 2015)

@kenneththepage Even if it's true that Shireen is also sacrified in the books, it has been implied many times that Stannis doesn't really believe in Rhllor and doesn't believe burning people actually helps their cause, plus the battle of Winterfell already happened (albeit only off page for now) while Shireen is still safe at Castle Black, so the circumstances of her death must be very different, and I wouldn't be surprise if Mel does it without Stannis' consent in WoW.

BertDenolf (Jun 08, 2015)


Here's a quote from our rightful king to ser Davos in 'A Storm of Swords':

"I never asked for this crown. Gold is cold and heavy on the head, but so long as I am the king, I have a duty … If I must sacrifice one child to the flames to save a million from the dark … Sacrifice … is never easy, Davos. Or it is no true sacrifice."

Stannis is destroying himself and everything he loves to save the people of Westeros by sacrificing the most precious thing to him, his own legacy, believing that this would aid him in taking the throne. He didn't do this out of ambition, but for his duty to the Realm. Stannis believes he is the only chance the Realm has got when Winter comes with the White Walkers, and he sacrifices his own kin to make this happen.

He knows this will make him hated, but he doesn't care for his own reputation as long as he can fulfil his duty to the Realm.

I still stand behind Stannis and support him in his mission to save the Realm.

furbul (Jun 08, 2015)

the episode wasn't bad, but the last scene - so cheap

m4t4 (Jun 08, 2015)

good ep, epic ending. best of five years

Tessy89 (Jun 08, 2015)


Dmpstrbaby (Jun 08, 2015)

Holy mother of dragon!!!

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