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Fear The Walking Dead - 1x02 So Close, Yet So Far

So Close, Yet So Far

While Madison struggles to keep Nick from crippling withdrawal, Travis ventures out to find his son before the city of Los Angeles falls.


TomF (Sep 02, 2015)

I liked this more than I now like the TWD.

Sandrosaurus (Sep 02, 2015)

This show (for now) is better than S2, S3 and S4 of the mother show!

Cameron16 (Sep 01, 2015)

Much better.

youandwhatband (Aug 31, 2015)

I like the way this is going. There's some good character development plus the new characters and the slow-but-steady pace make for a lot of anticipation, so I feel like they know how to handle the fact we all more or less know where this is going. Yes. More please.

baelemeister (Aug 31, 2015)

Very good episode again!

CrimsonLips (Aug 31, 2015)

Idk... still bores me. I think beginnings of the zombie pandemy aren't new to me

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  • Aired Aug 31, 2015
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