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The 100 - 3x09 Stealing Fire

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Foaman (Jun 11, 2016)

Stop destroying/killing my favorite characters .


CrimsonLips (May 26, 2016)

I still speechless that they killed Lexa so you see how much it take for me to watche other episodes but I'm so pissed that Pike didn't have the honor and haven't even think of any other weapon than the gun. It only convinces me that Pike's only strenght is in fire power and machine guns... -.- And as I don't really like O I want for her to kill Pike so badly ... This show made me hate mostly of of the characters and those few I like it starting to kill off -.-
Plz kill those not important like Monty or Jasper... It wouldn't make a difference but we would have more of screen time for the better characters

Sandrosaurus (Apr 01, 2016)

@R0bb I knew you said it in a good way :) but I think if people click to come on this page it's their fault that they get's their spoiler thanatos/spoilatos that drew them in...secretly they want to be spoiled.

R0bb (Apr 01, 2016)

@Sandrosaurus To anyone who hasn't seen it and reads this maybe it is, but ok.

Anyways I said it in a good way :)

Sandrosaurus (Apr 01, 2016)

@R0bb the episode aired, so it isn't a spoiler anymore.

R0bb (Apr 01, 2016)

@Sandrosaurus Really?
Have you said that spoiler of Lincoln's dead? omg...

At least I have already seen it, but...

Sandrosaurus (Apr 01, 2016)

I thought it was a good episode, Lincoln died because he will be in American Gods.

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  • Aired Apr 01, 2016
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