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Game of Thrones - 6x09 Battle of the Bastards

Battle of the Bastards

Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton battle for Winterfell. In Mereen, Daenerys deals with old foe and new alliances.


pfr77 (Aug 12, 2017)


CrimsonLips (Aug 06, 2017)

I still won't ever like Sansa. I would probably be happier if she died. But still... I hope there will be a much more evil guy now as they killed him. I think it should have been in the finale not now but well...
Snow... such stupidity from such an experienced man already. You should be wiser, too many ppl like you for you to be that stupid! Not to mention Sansa being stupid as well, bringing Littlefinger to the party yet again... ehhh. Starks bring the end to themselves really

KiraBeer (Aug 20, 2016)

Fuck yeah!

ForgotMyLines (Aug 14, 2016)

What an episode!

Just thinking of the effort and time on the animation and effects in that, made me tired!!

Dukz (Jul 20, 2016)

Well then... I don't see what the point of bringing back SHOW SPOILER was after a season of being gone if he's just going to up and die immediately.

RIP SHOW SPOILER We won't be having any intense scenes without him, what a waste.

devosvictor (Jun 24, 2016)

@m4t4 thanks. sometimes I check the comments before watching so I can know if its a good or bad episode. I sure live the dangerous life..

m4t4 (Jun 24, 2016)

@devosvictor shouldnt be here reading if hasnt watched but im going to satisfy u

fabkhaleesi (Jun 21, 2016)

favorite episode of the season and one of the best ever

Jolbor (Jun 21, 2016)

that was some nasty shit..

Polishpeanut (Jun 21, 2016)


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  • Aired Jun 19, 2016
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