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The OA - 1x06 Chapter 6: Forking Paths

As the group continues its search for the final movement, a startling turn of events gives Hap's work a new urgency.


Foaman (Jul 15, 2019)

@purefault Because a decade later it still stings, a century later it would still sting, 6 seasons of intriguing and interesting shit ended up with SHOW SPOILER . Imagine that's the answer you get after following something religiously for 6 years (I watched it while it was still airing) waiting for answers and getting absolutely nothing in the end, It was the most anticlimactic ending in tv history.

This show unfortunately is following their footsteps almost exactly, you may understand what I mean after you watch s2.

purefault (Jul 14, 2019)

@Foaman That's what they wanted to do with this story, and it's beautifully done.
Also, Lost was nicely done as well. People just to whine about the ending even nearly a decade later.

Foaman (Jul 07, 2019)

Did the story really need the SHOW SPOILER thing? no, not at all, up until that point it was a perfect but rather complicated mystery/scifi/Fantasy story. They really couldn't come up with a more original explanation? it's a scifi fantasy story, you could've said literally ANYTHING and it would have worked. why screw up things with SHOW SPOILER

Anyways IMO this is where they screwed up an otherwise incredible story, really hope to be wrong tho..

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  • Aired Dec 16, 2016
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