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ForgotMyLines (Apr 30, 2018)

Not a bad start. Bit rammed full of incidence for a first episode. Felt a bit overkill. Obviously a lot of money put into creating it.

TheCinesexual (Apr 17, 2018)

The production values, art direction, the score, and CGI are at a near-cinema level in this shiny reboot of the 60s camp classic. Despite the mise en scene and solid performances, the story-telling is a bit turgid and over-reliant on mechanical/physical dangers. I'm not sure the series' signature phrase, Danger Will Robinson, translates well or without unintentional comedy in this new, very serious incarnation. Kind of a toss up for me whether or not I'll watch another ep.

Dmpstrbaby (Apr 17, 2018)

ermeergerd are they gonna die ???...

Garbage episode was garbage. Watching one more episode to see how garbage this show really is.

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  • Aired Apr 13, 2018
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