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Archer - 14x07 Mission Out of Control Room

Mission Out of Control Room

Lana monitors simultaneous missions in her state-of-the-art control room, but Archer and the gang experience technical difficulties.


nimbostratus (Jan 07, 2024)

Decent ep!

ander (Oct 06, 2023)

This whole season really feels like it was jury-rigged together out of leftover episode ideas they had on a whiteboard—as if Adam Reed & co. didn't even want to make it at all, but were under contract already.

This one was fine and got an audible laugh out of my for Pam yelling "Crosstalk!" but it was otherwise merely fine. I don't really get introducing as a gimmick the idea that we will only see the other team members via their video feed to the control room—opening up the opportunity for jokes like Zara describing how amazing Krieger is at fighting bats—only to abandon that restriction at random times to show like, Pam walking through a warehouse or Archer sitting on a couch with a hot mom? It's lazy, really.

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  • Aired Oct 04, 2023
  • Episode 14x07
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