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Gundam X - 1x01 Is There A Moon?

Is There A Moon?

In a small market town, two con artists are claiming to be newtype soldiers from the war, saying that they are needed and the people should hire them. A man in the audience taunts them by saying that they are just looking for a job. Before the men can defend themselves, a lone mobile suit attacks the town. While the "Twin Red Comets" (con artists..) are running off, the civilians are fighting back or hiding the children. Though the town has a large number of artillery, they are able to do little against the mechanical terror. A shot to the cockpit makes the mobile suit look down, giving Garrod the chance to run out of hiding and blind the mobile suit with a flash bomb. He uses a magnetic grapple gun and gets to the cockpit, throwing the punk out. Rantu Aiko approaches Garrod with a job offer, which they discuss after Garrod sells the mobile suit he captured to a black market dealer.

The job Garrod is hired for is to save Tiffa Adil from a vulture group aboard the Freeden. He sneaks ab


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  • Aired Apr 05, 1996
  • Episode 1x01
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