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emonquente (Sep 22, 2016)

I haven't watched any anime since my last comment...on the other hand I have listened to every Stephen King book on audiobook and also all the discworld books, and brandon sanderson's. . .and, well, King had a lot of books and I started discworld over last week so thats it :P Apart from a few others like the Martian and Hyperion's 4 books (which...kinda sucked I think) but the list gets pretty long with the singular books :P The three authors at first cover like...120 books?

emonquente (Jun 08, 2016)

@Momo For Spring (currently ending season) I'm looking forward to Big Order and nothing else really. I'll watch most everything once it wraps up -- but I've switched to bingeing anime, since I listen to audiobooks at my lunches now.

As for Winter. .. It was pretty lackluster. Ajin was decent, but the OVA movie thing did a better job of covering the same story in much less time but I can recommend

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

In that order. And seriously, make time for Rakugo if nothing else, it is amazing.

Momo (Jun 06, 2016)


Im still behind QQ didn't have a chance to check last season...
But I catch up with some and I was really happy I had the time to see them.

1- Yowamushi Pedal + Road
2- Kamisame Kiss S1-S2
3- Cross Ange
4- Rolling Girls
5- Bonjour Patisserie
6- Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Love
7- Kaitou Joker S1-S2

It was a first for me to see a sport anime (bycicles even, i usually dont like it that much), was really amazed by the story (had to stop my gaming for two days to binge watch it :D)
You know i usually dont like ecchi/pornographic anime that much.. but this time Cross Ange was not as idiotic as you might think.. not sure if I just liked chars or it was something else.. but i was a bit sad when it ended..

Uhm.. Rolling girls.. I need to admit I expected a little bit more from this one.. it was a slow beginning and I felt the end was a bit rushed.. just when i started to like it :(

how was Spring season? anything I might need to keep an eye on?

My next on my list will be Gundam (everything >.> might be too much but I need to see it once at least before saying i dont like mecha) Military and Kantai Collection Kancolle.
Plus catching up with CSI (currently watching S3 last few episodes... still a long way to go xD)

PS Can't wait to see the Friend feature completed!

Momo (Jan 21, 2016)

@emonquente welcome back! xD
I know the feeling, i used to watch shows on low res too... when I switched to 720p/1080p was totally another world! :D

But for some old anime yes, its not worthed also because they mostly are upscaled and not real 720p
I am now catching up with Suits.. really enjoying it :D after I guess i will check last season anime

emonquente (Jan 19, 2016)

Sooo, I just bought a 5tb HDD

It's back to 720p for me! (and no more deleting shows!).

Seriously, been on 360 for like 6 months, and it's fine and all, but 720p is the sweet spot for space/download time/transfer to tablet time versus the increased quality.

also, a lot of the anime I watch don't look good enough to worry about 1080p in the first place (slice of life - a whoooole lotta same-looking classroom/rooftop/hotspring scenes XD)

That said, some are worth it like . . . Comet Lucifer last season was gorgeous, I'm re-watching love stage and it's colours are just awesome. Etc.

Momo (Jan 17, 2016)

@emonquente stalked there too!
for now its the best way to get friends :o I commented something on Dr. Who, let me know if you see it :)

emonquente (Jan 17, 2016)

I commented on something for you n.n.

I didn't realize there was a 'follow' mechanic, nice catch.

Momo (Jan 07, 2016)

@emonquente maybe just a little bit :( sowwy!

emonquente (Jan 06, 2016)

@Momo Cheeky

Momo (Jan 05, 2016)

@emonquente ahahhahaha i just stopped looking! I think after my fifth site I got enough trackers xD
I'm gonna bribe the guy and ask for friend implementation first! so i can win there too!

emonquente (Jan 05, 2016)

@Momo n.n I just can't believe I found something before you ha ha

Momo (Jan 04, 2016)

hope they will implement friends soonish, i really like the compatibility mode :)

Momo (Jan 04, 2016)

yep, think im gonna move there too, and maybe lose few of my other sites, this is kinda all around and has a pretty layout

emonquente (Jan 04, 2016)

@Momo Yeah, it takes a bit to do manually -- I found adding things to the watchlist from the search-bar and then going thru the "My Watchlist" to 'complete' series from there was the fastest way

I really like the lay-out tho and still isn't actually working soo.....I'ma have to move over

Also, the site looks great and all, but just frigin hooray for that search, it's sooo much better than anything else I've tried.

Only real downside to it atm is that the friends section aint up yet (and a few others, but that's the one I want for now)

Ooooh -- side not, I totally thought I was missing a bunch of shows for a while before I realized that FMTV rounds episode lengths up, Simkl uses 11, 25 and 45 minutes, a difference of like 60 or 70 days all told XD

Momo (Jan 02, 2016)

@emonquente omg I am updating my account on simkl... I know I watched quite a few.. but manually updating them (trakt upload didnt work properly :() is taking ages!

Momo (Jan 02, 2016)

@emonquente :o first time i heard it.. let me check it

emonquente (Jan 02, 2016)

I just spent 4 hours getting an account on simkl up.

I think I might be moving over there.

emonquente (Dec 27, 2015)

Yeah well . .. The only thing I got better to do is games and really, I just get bored with those these days. That said, I jsut bookmarked 50 shows for the winter season. I should actually be able to keep up, even if it means I won't be doing much of anything else ha ha

Momo (Dec 19, 2015)

Had a quick look the other day.. but I kinda take a break from animes since this fall.
Now with new year i will try to balance better my free time ( getting older and wont have much anyways).
So for now I'm binge watching big series, while waiting. I also had to due my bad connection that stopped me from watching new episodes :(

Anyways, saw there are few sequels, didn't expect/want Akagami no Shirayuki-hime one, was pretty happy with the ending itself.

Saw you had some issues with the site lately, I was lucky this isnt the only one im using :D I have 5 different sites (latest is Duckie, really cute but needs some improving) and love each one for different reasons.

I will check on you as soon as Winter season starts, so I know which anime should i watch :P

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