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Heroes - 1x01 Genesis


With a total eclipse making its way across the globe, a professor, Mohinder Suresh, learns of his father's death. Upon hearing the news, Mohinder travels to New York where he begins to uncover a secret theory involving eight individuals, all different ages and all from different backgrounds, who discover that they each have been granted unique super powers. A young male nurse tries to convince his brother that he can fly; a struggling, single mother discovers she can be in two places at once; a high school cheerleader tests her indestructibility; a drug-addicted artist paints events before they happen; and a Japanese man begins to develop his ability to stop time. Though all these heroes live in different parts of the globe and have unique abilities, they all have one thing in common -- their destiny is to save the world.


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  • Aired Sep 26, 2006
  • Episode 1x01
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