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Beverly Hills, 90210 - 2x14 The Next 50 Years

The Next 50 Years

The students of West Beverly unearth a time capsule from 1941, and put together a capsule of their own. Mrs. Scanlon organizes a surprise party for Scott's birthday, and pushes David to round up the guests. Donna is the only person who wants to attend. Kelly, Steve, Brenda, Brandon and Emily reluctantly come to the party, but act like jerks and refuse to participate in the activities. David tries to save the party by getting everyone to dance, but Brandon and Emily sneak upstairs to make out in the bedroom of Scott's little brother. Mrs. Scanlon throws them out, and the others act really indignant and walk out on the party. Scott goes to his father's den to get matches for the cake, and finds a gun in a locked desk drawer. He tries to twirl it for David, but accidentally shoots himself in the stomach and dies. David's friends and teachers annoy him by constantly asking about his well-being, while Mrs. Scanlon keeps trying to give him Scott's belongings. Donna takes offense when David c


nellswell (Apr 06, 2013)


I still remember all of the dramatic build-up to this episode back when the show was HUGE, and wondering "who will die?" The episode lived up to its hype; even today, it remains one of my favorites of the entire series (in fact, it might even be my VERY favorite!).

That's about all I'll say, since I can go on and on about creepy-yet-oddly-sympathetic Mrs. Scanlon, and Poor (Pathetic) Dead Scott and his crazy wiggling eyebrows. Oh, but I must also agree with whomever contributed the episode summary to The gang sure do act like jerks in this one! Though I think the summary writer gives Donna a little too much credit -- she basically flat-out ignores Scott and makes it obvious she's only at the party for David. At least Brenda and Kelly dance with Scott for about 30 seconds. Steve -- who occasionally looked like he was palling around with David and Scott in Season 1? -- is awful at the party, and condescending Brandon is even worse... possibly even worse than faux-cool David! (Where were Dylan and Ohndrea, by the way? Did they just refuse to come? Was Ohndrea even invited? As much as I enjoy the episode, I don't have it memorized or anything, so I might just be forgetting about her and Dylan's whereabouts... if they were even acknowledged.)

P.S. I wonder why the writers didn't have Scott commit suicide -- was it "too risky"? His death might as well have been a suicide, the way it plays out...

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  • Aired Nov 07, 1991
  • Episode 2x14
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